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President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Senator Norman Grant, has extended congratulations to Asafa Powell, who set a new world record of 9.77 seconds for the 100 metres in Athens, Greece, on June 21. “The Jamaica Agricultural Society takes pleasure in saluting Asafa Powell for his tremendous victory, which he has won for all Jamaica. What truly delights me is that he was born in Jamaica, he was raised in Jamaica, he was schooled in Jamaica, he was trained in Jamaica and he was fed on 100 per cent Jamaican food,” he said.
Senator Grant was addressing the annual general meeting of the St. James JAS Association of Branch Societies at the St. John’s Methodist Church Hall in Montego Bay on June 16.
Senator Grant boasted that when one ate Jamaican yam, cocoa, chicken and other foods, then such a person would perform at a higher level and naturally, would run faster than others.
“Let’s therefore salute the Jamaican farmers, let’s salute the Jamaican foods and let us all give Asafa Powell a standing ovation. We are what we eat, so let’s eat Jamaican,” the JAS President said.
He told the large turn out of farmers from across the parish of St. James that, as part of the government’s new agricultural marketing strategy, thousands of pounds of tomatoes have been purchased from farmers, as the JAS moved to assist them in marketing their produce.
“The JAS has put plans in place for the processing of 100 per cent local ketchup, which should be on the market soon. We have purchased over 60,000 pounds of tomatoes from farmers and are presently packaging these for early processing,” Senator Grant noted. He said that through the work of the Scientific Research Council (SRC), some $40,000.00 has been spent to develop a special formula for the processing of ketchup using local tomatoes.
“We are therefore proceeding with the plan and very soon the JAS will be putting the first 100 per cent locally produced ketchup on the market for Jamaican consumers,” he said. “I salute the farmers for this level of recovery after such a devastating hurricane last year. The present achievements of our farmers can be attributed to the JAS tractor tillage programme, which has seen some 2,000 acres of land ploughed by a fleet of six tractors provided for farmers through the Development Bank of Jamaica at a cost of $14 million,” Senator Grant pointed out.
He encouraged farmers to continue to give of their best as the agricultural sector moved towards effectively feeding the population and building the country’s economy.
In the election of officers for the year 2005/06, Vice President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Glendon Harris was unanimously returned as President of the St. James JAS Association of Branch Societies.

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