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The Jamaica Agriculture Society (JAS) launched a series of events observing the sixth anniversary of the launch of its “Eat Jamaican” campaign with an Ecumenical Church Service at the Fellowship Tabernacle in Kingston, on Sunday (November 22).
The “Eat Jamaican” campaign was launched on November 25, 2003 by the JAS in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture under the theme, “Farming, our Heritage, Food, our Culture, from land to mouth, we are what we eat, so let’s Eat Jamaican’.
The theme for this year’s celebration is “Grow what we eat and eat what we grow” and, as First Vice-President of the JAS, Senator Norman Grant pointed out, among the objectives of the campaign is to re-establish the fact that Jamaica is an agricultural country, and that central to its culture is the food it produces and the ways in which they are prepared.
“As we celebrate Eat Jamaican, 200,000 farmers across Jamaica stand ready to rebuild the fabric of our productive capacity,” Senator Grant told JIS News.
“A part of the solution to the difficulty that the country is going through is to return to the land, relentless support for our farmers, and give the rural citizens the support they deserve and we will make sure that the productive backbone of Jamaica is rebuilt, through the productive efforts of our farmers,” he added.
He said that the JAS is delighted to continue to champion the call.

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