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The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) and the Jamaica Dairy Farmers Federation yesterday (April 7) signed a memorandum of collaboration, which will see both organizations teaming up to design and develop technical assistance programmes relevant to the needs of its respective members.
The memo was signed by JAS president, Norman Grant and chairman of the federation, Raymond Brooks at the offices of the JAS, Church Street downtown Kingston. The Federation and the society will also provide the Government with guidelines on policy initiatives relevant to the sector in particular, the dairy sub-sector.
In his address, Senator Grant said, “changes in the global marketplace have impacted on the operations of the Dairy Federation and the JAS, and thus both organizations are cognizant that active partnership is pivotal to increasing production and international competitiveness”.
The activities of both organizations were vital to the development of the agricultural sector and by extension, the economy, said Senator Grant, who also called for improved collaboration within the agricultural sector.
Both organizations will meet regularly to ensure continuous sharing of information and to strengthen the relationship between the groups, added Senator Grant.
The Federation also endorsed the ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign and will promote the campaign. In turn, JAS will promote the consumption of local dairy products throughout the campaign.
While the memorandum of collaboration does not constitute an enforceable contract, the JAS will examine its statute to make the Dairy Federation an affiliate association of the JAS. This will make it eligible for representation on the JAS board.
Mr. Brooks stated that his organization was happy to forge an alliance with the JAS, which he termed the parent body of agriculture.

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