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Garvey Maceo High School in Clarendon is the recipient of a new school bus through the generosity of the Jamalco bauxite company.
At the handing over ceremony on the school grounds on Wednesday (Jan.11) principal of the institution, David Brown thanked Jamalco for the gift, noting that for the first time in its history, the school had its own mode of transportation.
“For the first time in our 25 years of existence Garvey Maceo High School has a school bus. Already, this bus is not only the talk of the town but appears to be the source of a new found confidence in our students, driving them to achieve excellence and positioning them to take their place among the prominent high schools of this country, for which we are very grateful,” he said.
The bus, a 29 seat 2006 Toyota Coaster, is valued at approximately $6 million.
Blossom Laidlaw, Public Relations and Communications Manager at Jamalco, told JIS News that the donation was made to assist in the overall development of the school as well as in recognition of the school’s transformation over the last five years, into one of the best high schools in the parish.
“When we were approached, we thought about it and we recognized the value of a bus to the school’s development not only for sports but in all the subject areas,” she said, noting that students would now be able to travel and participate in student-related activities all over the country.
Shauna Williams, school prefect, said that the students now look forward to travelling to their various educational and sporting activities in a marked school bus.
“When we are going out and we have this bus that says ‘Garvey Maceo High School’, it shows that .we really stand out, instead of when we are there and nobody recognizes us. It really does show us up and I really do appreciate this bus from Jamalco and I just want to say thank you very much,” she said.

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