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Local businesspeople are being encouraged to look for opportunities in other countries, even as Jamaica continues to court international investments.

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, said that the move will assist the country’s expansion into overseas markets.

“We want to see investors come into Jamaica and we are encouraging Jamaicans to go and invest elsewhere as well. In that way, we build a strong economy because when we invest elsewhere, we are expanding our markets and, eventually, we will get some returns,” he explained.

“We have to think broadly. We have to feel confident as Jamaicans that we can compete on equal footing with the best in the region,” he added.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the official launch of Magna Motors Dealership Limited’s new state-of-the-art facility and seventh anniversary celebrations on Thursday (May 12) at the entity’s Oxford Road address, St. Andrew.

He noted that investment by Jamaicans in other countries will also promote stronger relationships between the island and its partners, thereby securing mutually beneficial agreements for trade, encourage the exchange of knowledge, technology, trade, cooperation, and investment.

Prime Minister Holness said the Government is leading in this regard, citing opportunities being looked at, with the Dominican Republic as part of ongoing efforts to increase and diversify Jamaica’s investment portfolio.

“The long-term strategy for success is to ensure that our economy is strong, robust and open to trade and we are pursuing that strategy,” he noted.

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