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Chairperson for Hanover Charities, Katrin Casserly, has called on Jamaicans to embrace citizenship, and understand their role as citizens in ensuring and securing the success of the country.
“To be a citizen is a great responsibility. The responsibility we bear as citizens should not be taken lightly, as the smallest things ultimately influence the nature of our society,” she stated.
Mrs. Casserly, who was giving the main address at the Hanover 4-H Advisory Council’s annual general meeting and awards ceremony held at the Lucea United Church Hall on Friday (June 29), cited respect for land, respect and care for elders, and respect for self, as the cornerstones to being a great nation.
She further lauded the work of the 4-H movement as an investment in the country’s future. The organization, she pointed out, “embraces the essence of nationhood and understand that we must respect our youth and invest in their future”.
She noted that the future of Jamaica is still unwritten, and it is up to today’s citizens to define and secure that future through hard work, as demonstrated through the 4-H movement.
“We at Hanover Charities sincerely believe in the future of this country, but what kind of future? A future where hope thrives, and youth is filled with thirst for knowledge, success and prosperity,” she stated.
In the meantime, several teachers, students and clubs were recognized and presented with awards by the Hanover 4-H movement, with 10-year-old Tamyka Taylor, a grade 5 student of Gurneys Mount Primary school in the parish declared the Hanover 4-H Boy of the year.

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