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Corporate Communications Manager at the National Water Commission (NWC), Charles Buchanan, is encouraging Jamaicans to conserve on water use during the summer months as well as low rainfall periods to prevent lock offs.
Mr. Buchanan, who was speaking at a recent JIS Think Tank, noted that customers can do a number of things to conserve on water such as turning off taps when lathering in the shower and brushing the teeth, and also installing water saving devices.
“We strongly urge and encourage anyone who is redecorating or changing out fixtures in their house that they purchase and install water saving type devices such as toilets that do not flush seven gallons per flush. They are making newer models that use small amounts of water and still do a very effective job,” he noted, while also pointing to shower heads, which send out less water.
He also encouraged householders to look for leaks in their homes. “One can easily check for a leaking (toilet) tank by simply placing food colouring in the toilet tank. Do not flush the toilet, but give a few minutes and then come back and see if the colour you placed in the tank has been transferred to the bowl. If the bowl has the same colour as what you have placed in the tank, it means somehow there is seepage taking place,” he stated.
The Communications Manager also said that wherever possible, persons should try and reuse waste water. “So if you have water that you have used for washing clothes or dishes, you can use that to water some of your potted plants instead of using fresh water,” he pointed out.
In addition to saving water, Mr. Buchanan is also urging persons to store water for the hurricane season. Tanks used for storing water, he said, should be properly locked. “You can use a one-way flow valve that prevents the water from going back into the main, so if a plumber has designed your tank and has not installed a one-way valve he has not done a good job,” Mr. Buchanan said.
He noted that since there is no guarantee as to when the water supply will be restored after a hurricane, persons should use stored water sparingly.
“After a hurricane event, it is a good idea not to .use a lot of things that use a lot of water. Paper plates are an excellent choice to eat out of after a hurricane so that you do not need to wash dishes,” Mr. Buchanan said.
For more information on water conservation and disaster preparedness you may visit the National Water Commission’s website at www.nwcjamaica.com or contact the office at 929-5430-9.

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