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    Norman Harris, Director for the Research and Mapping Unit at the Mines and Geology Division, has called on Jamaicans to be prepared for hurricanes as the country is prone to such events.
    He was addressing the official launch of Earthquake Awareness Week in St. Mary on Tuesday (Jan.15) at the St. Mary Parish Library in Port Maria.
    Citing the major earthquakes of 1692, 1907, 1957 and 1993, Mr. Harris discussed the factors, which causes such phenomena to occur, and provided preparedness tips.
    The exhibition included pamphlets, posters and other reading material on the causes of earthquakes and measures that can be taken to mitigate their effects.
    There were also performances emphasizing earthquake preparedness by students from a number of schools in the parish including Port Maria Infant, Marymount High, Free Hill Primary and Oracabessa High School.
    Yolande Williams, St. Mary Disaster Coordinator, said she was satisfied that the event achieved the desired objective of increasing awareness about the dangers of earthquakes and improving preparedness for such occurrences.
    She said she was particularly pleased about the participation of the students from the various schools, adding that she was confident that they would become excellent crusaders for earthquake awareness and preparedness in their communities.
    St. Mary Earthquake Awareness Week, which is organized by the St. Mary Disaster Committee, got underway on (Jan. 13) with a church service at the New Testament Church of God at Trinity in Port Maria. The week ends tomorrow (Jan. 19).

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