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Jamaica’s High Commission to London, Gail Mathurin, has praised Jamaicans in the United Kingdom for their high level of commitment and loyalty to their homeland.
The High Commissioner, who was speaking to Jamaicans in Redditch recently, said that since taking office, “I have also been privileged to meet a few of the many hardworking Jamaicans, who have spent decades striving to develop and improve British society, while at the same time remaining loyal and dedicated to the development of the Jamaican society.”
Ms. Mathurin’s visit to Redditch was part of her commitment to tour all communities in the UK where Jamaicans reside. “So far, I have visited Leeds, Preston and Birmingham. All of these visits have been fruitful and I have learnt a lot and have greatly improved my understanding of the issues that affect Jamaicans here,” she stated.
Turning to the recent Independence celebrations, the High Commissioner noted that while the past 43 years “have not all been smooth sailing for Jamaica”, the country had made significant strides and had overcome many obstacles to continue to record steady growth and progress.
She also urged the Jamaican community and friends of Jamaica to become involved in the UK Diaspora group.
“A few months ago, we saw the celebration of the first Jamaican Diaspora Day and the launch of the Jamaican Diaspora UK organization. These events were the culmination of many months of meetings and planning. The teamwork and synergy that has been displayed by Jamaican organizations, groups and individuals shows that as a community, we can pull together towards a common goal,” Ms. Mathurin stated.
The High Commissioner also commended the town of Redditch as an example of tolerance and diversity for many years.

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