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Three Jamaican students will on (Dec. 6) receive awards for their outstanding performances in the 2007 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations (CSEC), in St. Lucia.
Owen Lloyd, a past student of Tarrant High School, St. Andrew is the recipient of the regional top performer award for the best three dimensional visual arts piece entitled ‘The Crossing’.
Grace-Ann Collins from Ardenne High School and Lenmour Bell from Glenmuir High School will receive awards for best short story and for outstanding performance in technical and vocational subjects, respectively.
In an interview with JIS News, Owen, who is from the sometimes volatile community of Kintyre, Papine, said he was very surprised when he received the news that he was chosen to receive an award this December.
“Seriously, I felt excited and overwhelmed over the fact that out of all the other students in the Caribbean, I came out on top for the visual arts three dimensional piece. My family was also excited,” Owen said.
He attributes his success to his teacher, Patrice Murphy, and noted that the times when he didn’t have the material to do his work, she showed him “means and ways of getting that material.”
“Sometimes I had to stop in the middle of the work as I did not have the tools. What I did was to take on to the indigenous material, meaning natural fibres, such as twigs and seeds,” Owen said.
“So I learned how to manipulate and master both manufactured and indigenous material, and my teacher really ensured that I learnt how to do it. She taught me a lot and she really treated me like her own son and I refer to her as my school mother,” he added.
Owen, who was recommended to do five subjects, was successful in four, getting three passes and two credits.
In the future the former Tarrant High School student said he would like to pursue studies at Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts in the area of painting and three dimensional sculptures. He also added that he would like to pursue a career in carpentry and be a part time musician.
Lenmour, sixth form student at the Glenmuir High School, told JIS News that he was also pleased that he was receiving an award for outstanding performance in technical and vocational subjects.
“It felt truly amazing. I have never won an award of this calibre before. When my friends heard about it they said that I should have known that I would win a prize for technical drawing (one of the three technical and vocational subjects),” Lenmour said.He attributed his success to God, who helped him to remember all the things he had studied.
“I attribute my success firstly to God for helping me to remember all the things I had studied. Then to my mother; even though I do not live with her, she is always encouraging me to do my best; to my teachers and my friends for always believing in me,” the Glenmuir student added.
He was successful in nine subjects, gaining eight distinctions and one credit. Lenmour noted that he has a particular interest towards technical and vocational subjects.
“I particularly like technical drawing, because when I came to Glenmuir in first form I was fascinated with the T-square and I was even more interested when I learnt what it was for in third form and that I had the natural ability to draw,” Lenmour said.
In the future, the Lower Sixth form student said he would like to study at the University of Technology in the area of architecture. “I choose the path of architecture because I’ve always been fascinated by the structure of buildings and the endless possibilities of their shapes. It is my ambition to design buildings which are out of the ordinary,” he said.
Lenmour is currently studying Mathematics, Physics, Caribbean Studies and Geometrical and Mechanical Engineering Drawing in Sixth Form.
He advises students who are now preparing for external examinations to believe in themselves and to prepare adequately.
The awards will be given by the Caribbean Examinations Council, at the opening ceremony of its annual meeting.

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