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The newly-appointed Deputy Director of Tourism for the United States (US) and Latin America, at the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) in Miami, Donnie Dawson, has encouraged Jamaican nationals to be tourists in their homeland, as this could have a positive impact on the island’s economy.
Mr. Dawson was speaking at a community forum, hosted by the Jamaica Consulate General in Miami, on February 5.
He told members of the audience, consisting of members of several Jamaican-based community associations, charitable and alumni groups, that “Jamaica needs its people to sell our country abroad, even to our own Jamaicans”.
Mr. Dawson challenged Jamaicans living abroad to always view the country in a positive manner, simultaneously selling the island as a prime tourist destination, not only to foreigners but also to other Jamaican families and friends. He reiterated that the JTB needed the help of all Jamaicans to continue promoting the country.
He also encouraged Jamaicans to use the facilities of the local office in Miami, and be a part of the promotion team.
Noting that there had been steady increases in tourist arrivals on the island, the Deputy Director suggested simple methods that Jamaicans could adopt in their promotion campaign to continue the increasing trend. For example, he suggested that Jamaican businesspersons could use the promotional material available to decorate their locations.
Mr. Dawson pointed out that there were several landmarks that many Jamaicans had never visited, even before they migrated abroad, and also several new attractions that one could enjoy while being tourists in their homeland.
He invited Jamaican nationals to support and participate in several new projects and activities being developed by the JTB, some of which would include participation by their families.Mr. Dawson was appointed to the Miami office last October, after the restructuring of the entire JTB and its locations.
Before moving to Miami, Mr. Dawson worked in the JTB office in California since 1982, where he developed that office from a satellite one to a full service operation covering 13 states in that region.
An avid golfer, he has been instrumental in organizing several golfing events for the country, including the annual Jamaica Air Carriers Invitational (JACI), an industry tournament for travel agencies and airline personnel.

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