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Jamaican-born Dr. G. Raymond Chang was officially installed as the third Chancellor of Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, on November 2.
The installation ceremony took place during the university’s Fall Convocation and after receiving his ceremonial robe and hat, and pledging to carry out the duties and responsibilities of his office, the new Chancellor presided over his first graduation exercise.
Addressing some 500 graduates from the Faculties of Arts and Community Services and the School of Graduate Studies, Dr. Chang told them that he intended to be a Chancellor for students.
“I pledge to listen to students, to care about students’ needs and to work tirelessly to see that they have the resources and support necessary to fulfill their dreams. A person doesn’t enroll in a university because he or she is thinking small.
University students want to change their lives and frequent the world itself. It’s that kind of big thinking I want to support during my time as Chancellor,” he said.
Dr. Chang also challenged the graduates to make a difference with their lives. “You might choose to make a difference locally, or you might decide to extend yourself into global concerns. Use your Ryerson education as the basis to build a meaningful career, to lead an ethical life and to make a positive impact on our world,” he added.
The new Chancellor is the Chairman of CI Financial, Canada’s third largest investment fund company. He has been on Ryerson’s Board of Governors since 2001 and the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is named in his honour. A graduate of St. George’s College in Kingston and a recent addition to the school’s Hall of Fame, Dr. Chang noted that it has been, “a long and surprising journey from my childhood in Jamaica today, on this stage in downtown Toronto”.
“But here I am today, attired in this wonderful ceremonial gown. The lesson? You never can tell precisely where life’s road is going to take you or what you’ll be wearing when you arrive, or what you’ll discover when you get there,” he said.
President and Vice-Chancellor of Ryerson, Sheldon Levy, explained that the Chancellor acts as the ceremonial head of the university. “The person is Ryerson’s Ambassador and its senior advocate in promoting its vision,” he added.
“We have a Chancellor who sees not only the trees but the entire forest. He cares deeply about the students and he will continue to champion the cause of Ryerson,” Mr. Levy said.
Witnessing the installation ceremony were family members and friends, including Jamaica’s Consul-General to Toronto, Anne-Marie Bonner.

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