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  • Small exhibition of historic photographs of Jamaica opens in London
  • Her Excellency Aloun Ndombet Assamba presented with a 200 year old map of Jamaica
  • The images reflected Jamaica’s very rich and diverse history and culture

The Jamaican High Commission in London marked Independence Day, August 6, with the opening of a small exhibition of historic photographs of Jamaica.

The occasion also saw High Commissioner, Her Excellency Aloun Ndombet Assamba, being presented with a 200 year old map of Jamaica by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tony Bullimore, who expressed appreciation for the work and support that the High Commission has given to the Jamaican community in the United Kingdom over the years.

Among the pieces on exhibit are copies of the original press release and statement by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office announcing Jamaica’s Independence from Britain in 1962. It was facilitated by the UK National Archives, and the photographs are part of the larger British Colonial Office photographic collection, charting life in Jamaica from 1860 to the 1960’s.

The exhibition also represents a small sample of the images that are a part of the National Archives “Caribbean through a Lens” programme, which aims to bring the collection to life by initiating conversation, interpretation and personal reflections.

Chosen by the members of staff of the Jamaican High Commission, the images reflect Jamaica’s very rich and diverse history and culture.

According to the introductory note for the exhibition, “the photos also serve to remind us of the close ties between Jamaica and the United Kingdom, including our country’s contribution to the war effort during World War II, which included providing a home to Gibraltar nationals who were evacuated to the island in 1940.”

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