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Jamaican-born, Andrew Lawrence was re-installed as President of the West Indian Social Club (WISC) of Hartford, at a meeting at the organization’s headquarters in Connecticut, recently.
Mr. Lawrence, a police officer with the city of Hartford and a graduate of Alpha Primary School and Kingston College, voiced his intention to build on the worthy precedent set by the institution’s founders.
“I will continue to do my best to unify all the West Indian organizations in the greater Hartford area as with unity comes great strength. You may rest assured that this team will make every effort to increase the positive image of WISC,” Mr. Lawrence stated.
In her message, Janet Madden, Community Relations Officer at the Jamaican Consulate in New York, lauded the organization on its progress and urged the members to continue to make positive contributions to the Hartford community.
“I challenge you to do what you do best.use your visionary leadership and resources to help us find solutions to the region’s (Caribbean) problems,” encouraged Mrs. Madden. She continued, “unleash your potential and embrace the mission of CARICOM as you carry out your mandate.”
Hartford’s Mayor, the Hon. Eddie Perez was also on hand to lend his support to the organization, noting that it “strives to ensure that the vibrant West Indian culture is not forgotten and that it contributes to the mosaic that makes up the Hartford community.” He urged the WISC to continue its efforts for the benefit of coming generations and pledged his continued support.
Founded 54 years ago, the WISC seeks to promote the cultural traditions of the West Indian community. Each year, the organisation hosts a West Indian Celebration Week which attracts approximately 50,000 participants. It also sponsors the West Indian Scholarship Pageant and the Memorial Scholarship Programme for West Indian Men, both of which award six academic scholarships annually to West Indian students.

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