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Five companies exhibiting an array of Jamaican food specialties received a positive response from nearly 500 attendees at the annual World Business Week launch on Monday (May 3) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Coconut Grove, Miami. World Business Week activities will culminate on Friday (May 7).
Exotic Caribbean flavours including coconut water were showcased by Grace, Kennedy (USA) Inc., while the other four participating companies owned by Jamaican nationals resident in South Florida, included Leasa Industries Company, manufacturers of pre-packaged vegetable items; Kingston-Miami Trading and Ocho Rios Miami companies, both manufacturers and distributors of local Jamaican food items and beverages, and Patty King, distributor of baked goods.
The Jamaican display groups had various sample items while demonstrating food preparations using a variety of jerk seasonings and condiments, nutritious dishes with vegetable and tofu, and other tastes indigenous to the island.
President of newly established Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Marie Gill said that this venture was “an absolutely excellent boost for Jamaican food products as the forum attracted a large number of non-Caribbean consumers”.
At this networking event of members of the Association of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce (ABiCC) some 40 countries were represented from the Latin American and European regions and other areas of the USA. Those participants included trade teams and businesspersons.
Grace, Kennedy’s Regional Sales Manager, Neville Miller said that the promotion was a good test for the mainstream market in South Florida. As Grace products attracted a consistent crowd to its booth, Miller remarked that persons were very complementary about the exotic Caribbean tastes of Grace products.
As the activities of the JAUSA Chamber of Commerce begin to gain momentum, this event was the first public event of that Chamber since its inception in early March.

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