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Jamaican educator L. Cecille Palmer, is among the list of recipients for the 2008 Emerald Awards, presented to women globally, who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields.
The 12th annual award ceremony and dinner, organized by the Women of Great Esteem (WGE) Organization is slated for March 27 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York. Dubbed ‘An Emerald Night in Brooklyn’, the function will honour an eclectic group of nine women who, “like emeralds, are gemstones”, said The Rt. Rev. Sylveta Hamilton Gonzales, founder of WGE.
In addition to Ms. Palmer, who is principal of the Holy Family School, other honourees are: Julia Lystra Collis, community activist from Trinidad & Tobago; Carmen Charles, labour activist from Guyana; Angela Barrow, a financier from Barbados; Ellen Stewart, actress/producer from the United States (US);
Dr. Bernadette Cole Slaughter, educator, US; Dr. Betty Shabazz (posthumous), community activist, US; Joyce Q. Rogers, attorney/entrepreneur and vice president of the Ivy Technical Community College in Indiana; and Hon. Rose Pierre Louis, Deputy Borough President, Borough of Manhattan, who is from Haiti.
Dr. Blossom O’Meally Nelson, who was named ‘Woman of Great Esteem’ in 2005, will co-host this year’s ceremony.
The programme, which will be complemented by live entertainment, is sponsored by Caribbean Food Delights/Royal Caribbean Bakery/JerkQzine; Citibank; Bermuda Department of Tourism; and New York Congregational Nursing Center.

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