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    Jamaica has once again earned the recognition of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) with the appointment of Andrea Marie Brown, Executive Director of the Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission, to the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding panel.
    Miss Brown, who joined the Commission in 2002 as the Executive Director, will serve as a member of the WTO panel established to examine the continued existence and application of Zeroing Methodology (DS350) involving the United States.
    In 2003, attorney-at-law and former Executive Director of the Anti Dumping and Subsidies Commission , Fernanne Kirkham Chin-Yee was named to a WTO Trade Dispute Panel.
    Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Karl Samuda said this appointment to the international body serves as a tangible recognition of the work of the Commission.
    “Given Jamaica’s proven commitment to the multilateral process and our ongoing participation at all levels in the international trading system, I was pleased to accept this honour.This selection by the parties to the dispute confirms international recognition of the diligent work and high level of achievement of all who have been associated with the development of trade remedies disciplines in Jamaica and is an honour to Jamaica, the Ministry, and the Commission, and as well as myself”, Miss Brown said in response to her selection.
    There are 152 member countries of the World Trade Organisation, which oversees international trade relationships including merchandise goods, services, such as telecommunications and banking, and other issues such as intellectual property rights.

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