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The Jamaica Diaspora UK Youth Association (JDYA), is hosting a special forum for young people of Jamaican heritage in Brixton, South London, on May 30.
Co-ordinator of the forum, Saffron Jackson, told JIS News that the objective is to develop a deeper affinity with Jamaica among the second and third generations, by getting them more involved with the Jamaican community.
The forum, entitled ‘Youth and Future Leadership: Preserving our Identity and Forging New Linkages’, will discuss the importance of youths within the Diaspora to the development of Jamaica; and issues surrounding identity – ‘Who am I? Jamaican, British or both?’
There will also be workshops on: Politics – Engaging Jamaican Youths in Governance; Business and Entrepreneurship – Investing In People, Strengthening the Economy and Education; and Our Future: Investing in our Education System is an investment in our shared future.
“We want to see young people (of Jamaican heritage) become more proactive within their own communities here in the United Kingdom (UK) and that is why we are looking at these three areas; how to set up their own business, how to become more involved in politics to influence change in the decision-making process . Education is the third area, as the more educated you are the more you can achieve. We want young people to see education as a way forward,” Ms. Jackson said.
She pointed out that each workshop would include a facilitator from the JDYA, as well as speakers and panellists who are influential members of the Jamaican community, including the Jamaican High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Burchell Whiteman; Members of Parliament, Dianne Abbot and Dawn Butler, as well as Paul Lawrence of 100 Black Men of London.

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