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The Jamaican Government will be deepening diplomatic relations with China with the opening of an Embassy in Bejing in the coming year.
Speaking at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Chinese Cultural Foundation in South Florida recently, Jamaica’s Consul General to Miami, Ricardo Allicock said that Jamaica considered its relationship with China to be “very important”.
He noted that the Foundation had a large membership of Chinese-Jamaicans and expressed appreciation to the group for their ongoing contribution to the country’s cultural and economic development.
Tracing the history of Chinese migration to the island as far as 1854, the Consul General spoke about their enterprising skills and their impact on the retail merchant business in Jamaica over the 150 years.
He noted that before long, Chinese immigrants, like Jamaicans, headed for the United States, where they became an integral part of the fabric of American life.
Mr. Allicock cited “commitment” as the common thread connecting Chinese nationals in Jamaica and the United States, noting that despite the resistance they encountered they have made a positive and lasting impact on Jamaica and the overseas communities in which they reside.
He mentioned their contributions in the areas of sports, entertainment, corporate, political and civic leadership, and on a larger scale, the business community.
The Chinese Cultural Foundation was established in 1984 in an effort to create awareness of the Chinese culture and heritage.
Since then, through a myriad of programmes and activities, members and volunteers of the CCF have demonstrated community goodwill through their engagement in educational fora, contributing to economic and personal development, providing international aid and relief and assisting children and the elderly.
According to the Consul General, the “CCF is an example of the manner in which a Diasporic community can engage its homeland and the world.”
Through a large core of members and volunteers, the CCF has continued to work with the Chinese Benevolent Association in Jamaica and they have provided assistance to the victims of Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.
They have also contributed to the restoration of the Chinese Cemetery in Kingston.

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