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Jamaica is to host the region’s first joint World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)/ Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) event in over 10 years at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort and Spa, Ocho Rios this weekend.
Participants at the event slated to take place between July 11-13 will be mostly from the Caribbean, along with delegates from Nicaragua, Mexico and Panama. Presenters will be from the UNWTO, CTO, Commonwealth Tourism Centre in Malaysia and the Canadian Tourism Commission.
Some 20 Jamaicans from a cross section of tourism affiliated entities such as the Jamaica Tourist Board, Jamaica Trade & Invest, Jamaica Vacations, Association of Jamaican Attractions, Airports Authority of Jamaica and the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Organisation, with representatives from other private sector tourism entities are registered for the three day event.
The programme will be officially opened Minister of Tourism, Entertainment & Culture, Aloun Assamba on July 11, are aimed at providing a methodological training on evaluation techniques, and will not focus on the design of marketing programmes.
The seminar and workshop will be presented by the UNWTO, and the CTO with funding from the European Commission under the Regional Sustainable Tourism Development Programme, the Caribbean Tourism Centre (CTC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Entertainment and Culture of Jamaica and the Jamaica Tourist Board. The chief aim of the programme is to improve the skills of the participating organizations and companies in the field of marketing auditing as well as the evaluation of marketing and promotion activities.
Speaking of the specific benefits to be derived from the event, Director General in the Ministry of Tourism, Entertainment & Culture, Carrole Guntley said “As it becomes increasingly more costly for national tourism organizations and private sector entities to make an impact in the highly competitive global market, they must find new ways to keep their destinations and companies visible by achieving maximum returns on their spend. The practical case study approach to the training is expected to provide evaluation methodologies and templates to ensure greater levels of success of their marketing programmes.”

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