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The Japanese Policy and Human Resource Development (PHRD) Grant Agreement between the Government of Jamaica and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), was signed on (Oct. 12) at the offices of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service in Kingston.
The US$500,000 agreement will provide financing for the second National Community Development Project (NCDP II), which seeks to assist targeted communities in the rural areas, to improve employment opportunities and access to basic services.
Of the total allocation, US$120,000 will be used for sector review and policy actions; US$70,000 for project framework development; and US$310,000 for community-based sub-project design.
Minister of Finance and Public Service, Audley Shaw, in his remarks at the signing ceremony, said that the second round of the NCDP will continue to focus on aspects of community development, including farm roads and other critical infrastructure, while providing income earning opportunities.
This, he said, will include “the development of tourism-related agricultural supplies, in particular, food supply to hotels, craft making, and the development of community and cultural-based tourism type projects.” The objective will be achieved through integrated support to these communities including investments, training, and technical assistance, the Minister stated.
Japanese Ambassador, Masahiro Obata, noted that the grant was a “timely intervention considering the devastation caused by Hurricane Dean to the agricultural sector and, by extension, the rural communities.”
The communities that will be participating under NCDP II will be selected primarily according to poverty survey mapping, while additional considerations will be given to the demonstrative effects of developing income-generating possibilities.

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