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Jamaica’s Honorary Consul to British Columbia, Vancouver, Dr. Astley Smith has said that Jamaica’s geographic location places it in the centre of the new world and provides an advantage to exploit the opportunities offered by globalization.
He was speaking at the inaugural symposium, ‘The Jamaican Diaspora – Reciprocal Relations the Way Forward’ held at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, late last month. The symposium was hosted by the Mona School of Business of the University of the West Indies (UWI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.
The symposium provided a forum for key representatives from the Diaspora to share their views on the opportunities, issues and challenges and make recommendations that could guide policy making where the involvement of the Diaspora was concerned for the sustained development of Jamaica.
He said before tapping into the benefits offered by reciprocal relations in the Diaspora there should be an understanding of the target population and a willingness to provide an appropriate investment climate.
This diasporic population, he said, was made up of two groups, the Jamaican migrants and their descendants. Once understood, he said focus could be placed on encouraging them to participate in mutually beneficial projects such as, the development of centres of excellence in medicine and dentistry, leading to the development of health tourism; the development of golf courses and in effect, golf tourism; rail and marine tourism and the establishment of centres of excellence for language immersion at all levels to facilitate multilingualism which will prove invaluable in the global environment.

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