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Jamaica’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Raymond Wolfe, on Tuesday, December 5, signed the Treaty on the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism.
This treaty was adopted by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on April 13, 2005.
The treaty seeks co-operation from UN member states in preventing the possibility of terrorism involving the use of nuclear devices. The document strengthens the global legal framework to combat the threat; allows for the extradition or prosecution of those implicated and encourages the exchange of information and other inter-state co-operation.
The treaty was part of the agenda for the opening of the 2005 World Summit that signalled the start of the 60th Session of the General Assembly.
The signing ceremony took place at the UN Secretariat Building, New York City and was witnessed by Barbara Masciangelo, Publications Officer, Treaty Section, Office of Legal Affairs; and Deon Williams, Counsellor, Jamaica Permanent Mission to the UN.To date, some 100 member states have signed the treaty.

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