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With the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup now completed, several communities across the island, including Hanover, are set to benefit from the legacy of the event.
Project Manager for the Jamaica Cricket Legacy programme, Robert Stephens explained that arising out of the programme a number of projects were identified by stakeholders in various communities across the island for development over the next five years. One of these is the development of Fort Charlotte, in Lucea, Hanover, as a heritage attraction.
Mr. Stephens, in pursuance of the development this project, made a presentation at the General Meeting of the Hanover Parish Council, on Thursday, May 10, during which he impressed upon Parish Councillors the feasibility of the project, and the potential funding possibilities. He also sought to attain their guarantee of support and endorsement for implementation.
“In every parish they have selected the project that they would like to see implemented, and what I am doing now is hand over all of these projects. What I want to do at the end of this month is say to Jamaica Trade and Invest, formerly JAMPRO, and the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) and the other agencies that are involved, here are the projects, this is where I have taken them to, you can now take them and implement them,” he explained.
The Project Manager said that with the endorsement of the Hanover Parish Council for the implementation of the Fort Charlotte project, the development can now proceed at full speed.
Mr. Stephens pointed out that Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora would have an opportunity to participate in the financing of the project, as plans are for the Development Bank of Jamaica to put together a private offer document through which persons would be invited to invest as shareholders.

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