Jamaica Issues 778 CARICOM Skills Certificates

Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Delano Franklyn has reported that the country has issued 778 Skills Certificates to eligible CARICOM nationals.
Making his contribution to the State of the Nation Debate in the Senate on February 23, Senator Franklyn said that of the 778 CARICOM certificates issued, 40 per cent or 311 of the total amount have been issued to Jamaicans.
He pointed out that in 2006, 211 Jamaicans applied for CARICOM skills certificates as opposed to 33 Trinidadians, 23 Guyanese and 17 Barbadians.
“The persons granted certificates in Jamaica are mainly in the managerial, educational, science related, and health fields. The main movement is between Jamaica and Trinidad and most applicants are in the 31 to 40 age group,” said Senator Franklyn.
“Many Jamaicans who have applied for the certificates have not expressed any intention to move immediately to another member state, but simply want to be prepared for any opportunities that may arise,” he added.
The State Minister said that as the number of Jamaicans applying for skills certificate to work in other member states increased, member bodies representing these skills said there was nothing to be alarmed about at this time.
He pointed out that more Jamaican accountants are now applying for certificates to work in member states as compared to other areas. “While more accountants are applying to migrate to other member states, more doctors and teachers have been applying for certificates to work in Jamaica,” he pointed out.
Senator Franklyn explained that the increase in the number of doctors applying for certificates could be as a result of the post graduate programmes offered by Jamaica.
The State Minister also informed the Upper House that CARICOM has decided to grant tertiary trained teachers and nurses free movement across the region immediately, except in Antigua and Barbuda.
“Steps are being taken to amend the schedule to the Caribbean Community (Free Movement of Skilled Person) Act, to add nurses and teachers to the categories of nationals who need only a certificate of recognition of Caribbean Community skills to live and work in Jamaica,” he explained.
The Senator said that at a recent meeting, Caribbean leaders agreed that the free movement of artisans, domestics and hospitality workers would commence as soon as the elaboration of procedures for certification and accreditation are completed by July 2007.

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