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Prime Minister Bruce Golding told Parliament on March 29 that Jamaica is far ahead of other countries in accommodating and facilitating CARICOM nationals when they arrive in this country.

He was commenting on the incident of the alleged abusive treatment of Jamaican national, Shanique Myrie by Barbadian immigration officials recently.

"It is not so much the incident itself, it is the response to the incident, the extent to which it is investigated and the extent to which if it is found to be accurate or substantially true, what steps are to be taken both to redress and to prevent a reoccurrence."

The Prime Minister said the incident must not be allowed to pulverize the regional integration. He said it concerns him that the position taken by the Barbadian Government based on their investigations and the report submitted by Ms. Myrie, bear no measurable relation.

He continued to say that this is not a new matter because recently at the CARICOM heads of Government meeting, the St. Vincent Prime Minister made complaints about the treatment of his nationals when they arrived in Barbados and at a meeting prior to that, a similar complaint was made by the President of Guyana.

"There are issues that we have not addressed. The deputy Prime Minister will confirm that at almost every heads of Government meeting the matter is raised."

Mr. Golding said if the foundation for interfacing with Caribbean people is not made, then all other things that are being sought after by legislations and treaties will not work. He said this issue has to be dealt with at the next CARICOM meeting.


Issued By: The Office of The Prime Minister