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Days after winning several industry awards in London, Jamaica scored a first by becoming the first country to produce a 3D promotional destination video.
The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) unveiled the video for the first time at the World Travel Market this week and launched it officially last night (November 10), at a reception, held at the Jamaican High Commission, in London.
The three and half minute film, which was produced by Darren Pearson, of Exposure 4, made Jamaica a stand out destination at the tourism trade expo.
Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett said the new 3D video will give the world the opportunity to see Jamaica in a new dimension, to appreciate what we are and to drive interest from a particular demography into the destination. It’s all about going into the cutting edge and finding new markets and new relationships and new affinities that will attract new people to destination Jamaica,” he added.

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett speaks at the official launch of the JTB’s new 3D destination video, held at the Jamaican High Commission in London on November 10.

The Minister said he had requested the JTB to devise a marketing strategy that was completely different to anything that had been done before.
“I am sure you will also agree with us that this innovation will take us to a new level in destination marketing, attracting previous and new visitors to our beautiful island, while at the same time allowing people around the world to see us in an exciting new dimension,” he said.
Deputy Director of Tourism for the UK and Europe, Elizabeth Fox said the idea for the 3D film came during what could be seen as a difficult year for world tourism.
“While we cannot control what has happened and we cannot control the environment, what we can do is to entice visitors to come to Jamaica, so we have to change how they view us . So, our Minister of Tourism and our Director told us to focus on new products, new technology and new markets,” she said.
The new 3D film shows a typical day in Jamaica, following Jamaica’s national bird, the doctor bird, from morning until night. Throughout the film viewers will see some of Jamaica’s most iconic images and attractions. Some of the highlights include bobsledding and swimming with horses.
Mr. Pearson said the film has generated incredible interest, among other travel destinations and the travel press.
He told JIS News that the project took nine months to be completed, including 16 days of filming in Jamaica during July, with a few follow up days in September.
The promotional film will be released in 3D cinemas later this year, and already there are requests from airline and tour operators to use the film at conferences and on flights.
The film will also have a launch in Jamaica during the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) conference in January 2011, following which it will be available on line or on television. The JTB is encouraging persons to request free 3D glasses and the links to view the film from the website.

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