JIS News

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, in conjunction with the Ministry of National Security, will be conducting a simulation exercise, called ‘Iron Eagle’, at the Norman Manley International Airport on Thursday, January 25.
Exercise ‘Iron Eagle’ is aimed at testing and evaluating the national crisis management plan in the event of an act of unlawful interference against civil aviation. It is intended to test the response capabilities of the major agencies involved in crisis management response at the national level.
The simulation exercise will not interfere with normal operations at the Norman Manley International Airport.
Judith Goodison, Chief Inspector for Security and Cabin Safety at the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority said this “is a national level aviation security exercise that we are required to conduct”.
“We are now testing the aviation aspect, because if we should have an act of unlawful interference perpetrated against an aircraft flying into Jamaica or out of Jamaica, or any such unlawful act against a facility like an airport and persons at the airport, we will have to know what to do,” she stressed.
Mrs. Goodison said currently, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority was putting all the necessary measures in place, to ensure the successful staging of the simulation exercise.
“Right now we are putting our final touches together, such as having briefings with individuals who will be involved. We are going to have role players who will generate the unlawful act, and of course we expect that the responding agencies, such as the Police and the Jamaica Defence Force will respond accordingly, based on their respective emergency plans to such events,” she told JIS News.