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The Jamaica Cancer Society will benefit from the second annual staging of the ‘Tee-Off Fore The Health Of It’ golf tournament, which will be held on September 28 at the Hampshire Greens Golf Course in Silver Spring, Maryland.
The event, which is being organized by the Jamaican Women of Washington (JWoW), will also feature a health and business development symposium with Minister of Health, Horace Dalley and Ambassador to the United States, Professor Gordon Shirley, as the featured speakers.
Ambassador Shirley will speak on business opportunities and developments that are taking place in Jamaica, while Minister Dalley will provide information on the state of Jamaica’s health sector.
Vice President of JWoW, Karen Francis, told JIS News that it was from the Minister’s presentation that the organization decided on the health project that it would support for the next year.
She informed that in addition to the Jamaica Cancer Society, funds raised from the event would also be donated to a similar organization in the United States. She noted that last year some US$3,000 was donated to the Jamaica Cancer Society and the response to this year’s tournament has been excellent.
Formed in 2003, JWoW works to raise awareness and provide support, through grant funding and technical assistance, to local organizations that demonstrate the commitment and management expertise to improve the health of women, children and families most in need.
The group also brings attention and awareness to the emerging health and social issues of vital concern to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.
The Jamaica AIDS Support, a community-based organization dedicated to providing care, including home-based care services to persons living with HIV and AIDS, was the first recipient of a JWoW award in the amount of US$10,000.

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