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Minister of Local Government and Environment, Dean Peart has announced that the Government of Jamaica is in the final stages of dialogue with the United States government, regarding a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of a tsunami early warning system in the island, and the rest of the Caribbean.
“A tsunami warning system is one in which sensory devices planted beneath the sea are capable of detecting a high intensity earthquake and in real time, relay the information via satellite to the various stations across the Caribbean and to the headquarters in Washington for processing and analysis. Following this an advisory where necessary will be dispatched,” Mr. Peart explained inhis contribution to the 2006/07 Sectoral Debate in House of Representatives last week.
Citing the benefits for Jamaica under this MoU he said these included, “Jamaica receiving a state-of-the-art broad band equipment ready for use in local, regional and global tsunami early warning systems where currently inadequate capability exists”.
In addition, the Minister explained, “Jamaica is set to benefit from the significantly upgraded earthquake sensing equipment and data interpretation capabilities.this MoU would see the U.S. government bearing the cost of all equipment, testing of sites, vault construction and training of locals to operate the station”.
Mr. Peart further informed that this early warning system would be made up of nine stations, one of which is to be located at Pike in Manchester.

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