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Jamaica and the People’s Republic of China, will begin to trade cultural commodities when the Government of Jamaica hosts a Chinese delegation from the Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre between July 13 and 18.
The Tianjin Folk Music group will give free performances in Kingston, Mandeville, Manchester and Montego Bay, St. James. The tour is the first of three cultural exchanges between Jamaica and the People’s Republic of China for the period 2009-2010. The cultural exchange agreement is one of the ways the two Governments hope to deepen co-operation and understanding between their countries, as well as to showcase the splendid heritage of both countries.
The Minister of Youth Sports and Culture, Hon. Olivia Grange, whose Ministry is co-ordinating the visit, said “in the area of commerce, Jamaica and the People’s Republic of China have good relations; our diplomatic relationship is strong and getting stronger; and we believe that this cultural exchange, where we showcase the diversity and dynamism of our peoples, is an exciting opportunity for us to trade in other ways”.
China will also get a taste of Jamaica. “Next year we will send two groups – one showcasing our excellence in visual arts and photography and another showcasing our flair for dance – so that our Chinese friends can experience our culture in their own space in the way that we are doing with the Tianjin Folk Music group,” explained Grange.
Culture as strategic developmentChina represents a country that can provide Jamaica with strategic developmental support. It is a world economy and has the potential to become one of Jamaica’s major trading partners. The Chinese also represent a key source of growth for Jamaica’s tourism industry.
Schedule of the Tianjin Folk Music group On Wednesday, July 15 the group will play at the Chinese Benevolent Association on Hope Road. The following day, the group travels to central Jamaica, for a show at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville. The final show will be at the Montego Bay Civic Centre, in the town square, on Friday evening. All performances will begin at 7p.m.
A Brief Introduction to Tianjin Song and Dance TheatreTianjin Dance, Drama and Opera House is an integrated performance group, where many well-known artistes worked, such as Mrs. Shuzhen Yu, Mrs. Muchun Guan and Mr. Guangnan Shi, aiming at “building a high-quality art group” and “giving high-taste performances”. The House is composed of a singing and dancing group which produces and performs folk dance dramas, folk dances and vocal music; a well-equipped and proficient folk-music group which produces and performs folk orchestral music and various sorts of folk instrumental music; an opera group which produces and performs Chinese and foreign maxi-operas, symphonic music and vocal music; a ballet group which performs Chinese and foreign maxi-ballets; and a stage-art centre which takes charge of the stage-art design and production of large scale performances and comprehensive parties.

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