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The principals of the Tavistock Group, the investors who have signed an agreement to partner with the Government in the development of the US$2 billion (J$135 billion) exclusive luxury resort, Harmony Cove, in Trelawny, arrived in the island on Monday (May 14), for a series of consultations, as they advance plans for the mega project on the north coast.
The group, led by managing partner, Christopher Anand, has been holding talks with government officials, members of the Opposition, the principals of Harmonisation Limited – the vehicle created by the government to give effect to its partnership with the Tavistock Group – and other stakeholders. The investors will also update members of the business community and the media on the status of the project when they address a luncheon meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Jamaica on Wednesday (May 16).
In September 2006, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller signed a joint venture agreement between Harmonisation Limited and the Tavistock Group for the development of the resort, which is one of the largest and most ambitious projects to be undertaken by the government.
Some 10,000 persons are expected to be employed during the construction phase of the resort, with another 10,000 slated to find work there upon completion. The Harmony Cove development will add another 5,000 rooms to the existing hotel stock.
The government’s stake in the project, which is being managed by Harmonisation Limited, is in the form of 2,200 acres of prime beach front land. The country is also expected to assist with stakeholder discussions, to include members of the public; facilitate timely and efficient issuing of permits and licences; and to continue to put in place infrastructure that will impact positively on the project. Tavistock’s role is to prepare the master plan, organise the financing, construct and market the development.

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