International Finance Corporation Opens Jamaica Office

Executives of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a private company of the World Bank, yesterday (Aug 20) paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding, a few days after opening their office for business.
Vice President for Europe, Central Asia, Latin American and the Caribbean and Global Finance, Jyrkri Koskelo, said that the IFC is increasing its staff, as the Caribbean is an area of focus and commitment. He noted that countries needed to find ways to keep development moving through public/private projects and that their team will be concentrating on that area.

Executives of the International Financial Corporation (IFC), a private business arm of the World Bank paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding on August 20, a few days after opening their Caribbean office in Kingston. The IFC is strengthening its presence in Latin America and the Caribbean to participate more fully in private/public projects that will keep development moving during the global economic downturn. At far right is the Resident Representative for Jamaica, Belize, Latin American and the Caribbean Department of the IFC, Kalim M. Shah.

He said Jamaica had exemplary achievements in infrastructural projects that involve joint investment by State and private sector interests and that this is a platform on which future projects can be built.
The Prime Minister welcomed the team and cited education as an area of great interest for future public/private enterprises.

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