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Interest in the Bed and Breakfast Home Stay (BBHS) programme is gaining momentum, as more persons are beginning to take advantage of the opportunities to be derived from the ICC Cricket World Cup, next year.
This is good news, according to Patricia Patterson, Co-ordinator for the BBHS programme at the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), who told JIS News that the response to the programme was initially slow.
“As we come closer to Cricket World Cup, more persons are recognising what the programme is and want to get involved. You are finding now that the applications are speeding up,” she said.
With the increased interest has come the need for on-going training. “As soon as we get a certain set number, we have to conduct training sessions,” Miss Patterson said.
The BBHS Hospitality Training course includes lessons in Food Handler’s Procedures, Fire Prevention and Precautions, Customer Service and Security Alertness.
For persons interested in participating in the programme, Miss Patterson said they could still apply. “The good thing about this whole programme is that it got prominence because of cricket but it does not end with cricket. This is one of the legacies that will happen from cricket,” she pointed out.
“The BBHS programme will be on-going and it will be part of our tourism product and marketing, where we are saying to persons that the programme exists in Jamaica as it does in other Caribbean islands or in Europe for that matter,” Miss Patterson added.
As for the requirements to participate in the programme, persons must complete an application form, which should be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP), with two references attached, along with a detailed description of the property and its location.
Prior to completing the form, persons should peruse the fact sheet included in the application package, which gives an outline of what the programme is about. When the applications are received and processing is completed, the approved applicant’s location is inspected and security clearance given.
Miss Patterson said it is expected that some 500 rooms will be available from 210 homes. “Some persons have one, two and four bedrooms available under the programme,” she revealed.
For further information on the BBHS programme, persons may contact TPDCo at (876) 968-3441/3626 or visit the website at www.tpdco.org.

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