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An initiative that will reward students and teachers for their excellence as well as promoting a clean environment in schools is being developed by the Students for Transformation (SFT), the youth arm of the National Transformation Programme.

The initiative focuses on: the Model Student; the Model Teacher; and The Model School. The criteria for the selection of each, and the selection process, are being developed.

Principals and Guidance Counsellors of some 19 high schools islandwide were informed of the plan at a recent meeting held at Jamaica House. The meeting, organised by executive members of the SFT, was held to get the input of the principals and their suggestions to help advance the SFT’s initiative. Also attending the meeting was the Director of Development, Planning and Monitoring of the NTP, Fabian Brown.

Chairman of the SFT Howard Chamberlain, said the criteria for the selection of a model student are discipline, deportment and school or community involvement. Students will also be encouraged to express the 12 national values, such as truth, honesty, justice, love, peace, respect, respect and reverence for life, unity, savings and investment, personal development, trust, dignity of work, and responsibility.

Also, incorporated into each school will be a queuing campaign, which will focus on promoting the use of queues in schools and at transport stops in an effort to maintain order in society. He noted that the forming of lines to enter the canteens and for devotions will be encouraged by teachers.

Mr. Chamberlain told the principals that the change of anti-social behavior of some students will not happen overnight. “National transformation is a process, it will not happen overnight and it is going to take time,” he said.

He said the SFT was willing to visit schools and work with the students in promoting positive values and attitudes. “We are waiting on your calls. Call us to effect that change,” he added.

At the meeting, persons were asked to come up with suggestions that should be used for the selection of a model student, model teacher and model school. Some of the criteria to be used are: increase in discipline, clean environment and improved student teacher relationship. It was also proposed that principals and guidance counsellors be used as judges.