We all want to feel safe inside our homes, but the fact is, unless certain precautions are taken, you will be as vulnerable as walking down the street.

  • Install security systems and safety lights that are triggered by movement. These are useful to deter criminals.
  • Secure windows and doors with deadlocks and try not to leave keys where they can be seen from outside your home.
  • Do not leave spare keys in mailboxes and other places; it is more responsible to leave them with a neighbor you trust.
  • Do not attach your name or address to keys, if they are found or stolen someone can easily enter your home.
  • Cut down hedges close to your home.
  • Watch out for persons acting suspiciously in your community.
  • Close all windows and doors when you leave your home.
  • If you are going away for the holiday try not to tell too many people.
  • Do not put out boxes that display recent purchases such as televisions and DVD players.

If you feel there is an intruder in your home try not to investigate by yourself, but instead make an alarm for help or call the Police.

Be a good neighbour – if you see something suspicious contact the police.

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