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Jamaica’s Waste Management System

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Locally, over one million tonnes of solid waste are generated annually. This waste is managed by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development (MLGCD), through departments such as the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), National Environmental and Planning Agency (NEPA) and the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF).

GOJ Waste Management Projects

Klean Kingston Initiative
Spearheaded by the NSWMA, this initiative focuses on cleanup exercises across the corporate area, and forms part of the national Clean City Programme, aimed at removing garbage and addressing the illegal disposal of waste in all parish capitals and major town centres. Partners of this programme include the MLGCD, Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ) and Jamaica Environment Trust (JET).

Spruce Up Jamaica Initiative
This programme is led by the Ministry of Tourism in an effort to clean and beautify tourist resort areas.

Recycling Programme
This NSWMA-directed programme aims to sensitise communities on plastic separation and provides households with biodegradable garbage bags for plastic waste. These bags are then collected by one of the NSWMA regional offices.

Composting Programme
The NSWMA encourages composting as a means of enriching the soil and promoting sustainable development. To do this, the Department provides a composting guide, and has organised a committee in Hanover to help the parish build a composting pilot project.

For additional information, contact:
National Solid Waste Management Authority
61 Half Way Tree Road
Kingston 10
Telephone: 876-960-4511 / 876-926-3988
876-926-8559 / 876-926-5170
Toll Free: 888-CLEAN-JA (253-2652)
Email: nswma@nswma.gov.jm
Website: http://www.nswma.gov.jm/
Facebook & Instagram: @nswma
Twitter: @NSWMA1876

Ministry of Health and Wellness
10-16 Grenada Way
Kingston 5
Telephone: 876-633-8103 / 876-633-7433
Email: pr@moh.gov.jm
Website: http://www.moh.gov.jm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themohgovjm
Instagram/Twitter: (@themohgovjm)


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