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Manager of the Inspectorate Division of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), Fay Anderson, has urged industry players to ensure that their products comply with conditions under the Standards Compliance Programme (SCP).
“The programme ensures that local and imported goods sold in Jamaica comply with the acceptable standards covering health, safety, the environment and performance,” Mrs. Anderson informed at a recent awareness forum held at the Hilton Kingston Hotel.
She further pointed out that the programme provides “fair competition and a level playing field” since all goods will be subject to inspection and testing in the marketplace and at the ports of entry.
Turning to the penalties for non-compliance, she stated that “under this programme we can cease, detain, condemn and dispose of any goods that are not conforming to compulsory standards.”
Continuing, she noted that products proven sub-standard or have labels that do not comply with the regulations and are written in a foreign language, will be barred and removed from sale if observed in the marketplace.
According to Mrs. Anderson, the Standards Compliance Programme is quite relevant in light of the “globalization of the world economy, regional international free trade, and the opening of borders.”
“We need to make sure that when things come in our borders, we have the necessary standards in place to make sure that they comply,” Mrs. Anderson emphasized.
Reinforcing the need for quality products, Mrs. Anderson pointed out that “when your goods are of high standards, you can trade anywhere. it strengthens your competitive position, and health, safety and environmental conditions are observed,” she stressed.
The Bureau of Standards Jamaica is a statutory body established by the Standards Act of 1968. Its main functions are promoting and verifying the implementation of standards for goods, services, and processes. The Bureau enforces compliance to technical regulations for those commodities and practices, which affect health and safety.

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