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    A one-day exhibition highlighting aspects of Jamaica's rich cultural history as well as the country's technological achievements, was staged by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining.

    Dubbed 'Festoramma', the event, which opened on Friday July 20 at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) Auditorium in New Kingston showcases the work of a number of agencies under the Ministry’s portfolio.

    Speaking at the opening ceremony for the event, State Minister in the Ministry, Hon. Julian Robinson, said the exhibition was part of the Ministry's celebration of Jamaica's 50th year of Independence.

    "The Ministry is pleased to host an event of this nature in keeping with our 50th anniversary celebrations and to allow for us to celebrate something at our own, in addition to all the other events that are going to be organized," he said.

    Mr. Robinson said the Ministry also staged the event to highlight the evolution of science technology, energy and mining over the years.

    "For example, at the Jamaica Postal Corporation (booth), you would have seen equipment that would have been used up to the 80s. You would have seen a typewriter which was used to send telegrams, which is now outdated, but we are showing how technology has progressed, how we have kept pace with the new developments in technology and particularly for younger persons, who may not even know what a typewriter is,. It's a good thing to show how we have moved forward," he said.

    Some of the exhibitors included Petrojam, Jamaica Post, e-Learning Jamaica, the Universal Access Fund and LIME.

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