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Senior Director of Policy, Planning and Research in the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology, Reginald Budhan, has said that within the context of globalization, the country’s ability to achieve and maintain a high standard of living would be dependent on the extent to which it could harness science and technology.
Mr. Budhan argued that it was the ability of the citizenry to embrace science and technology that would ensure that the economy of the country remained internationally competitive.
“To enhance the international competitiveness of the country, it is therefore critical for us to promote science and technology in the education system. Science and technology are at the heart of the development of human societies,” the Senior Director emphasized.
Mr. Budhan was speaking yesterday (November 2), at the opening ceremony of Eduvision 2005, a conference on governance and technology in education, being held at the Wyndham Rose Hall Resort and Country Club in Montego Bay.
School administrators, principals , students, trainers, teachers, researchers, business leaders, policy makers and technology practitioners from across the Caribbean, United States, Canada and Malaysia are attending the conference.
Participants will be exploring the impact of technology on the teaching and learning process.
Mr. Budhan pointed out that the ability to harness modern technologies was dependent on the educational level of the people of the country, noting that countries with a large pool of uneducated persons could not harness modern technologies to compete with the advanced nations of the world. Mr. Budhan suggested that the focus on science and technology should be done through the schools.
“If we have students coming out of the school system with a strong science foundation, in the long run we can have a technologically oriented nation, which is able to harness science and technology in every aspect of life, at work, and in the homes,” he said.
The Senior Director said that teachers could be the key agents of change who could motivate students and help to develop that culture of science and technology throughout the country. He urged educators to strive to find creative ways to make the teaching of science enjoyable.
Eduvision 2005 is being held under the theme: ‘Improving Governance and Leadership in Education and Training with Technology’.

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