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The Hydel Group of Schools in St. Catherine yesterday (March 24), launched a ‘Renewable Energy Sources in Generating Electricity’ competition, which will entail students working in teams, to create gadgets that utilise renewable energy.
A primary goal of the contest is to stimulate the minds of students toward thinking more about renewable sources of energy.
Minister of Energy, Clive Mullings, in his remarks at the launch, stated that the competition was useful in highlighting “what we as a country need to do for energy”.
“At the Ministry, we’ll be watching your competition very carefully and those, who win, will be brought into the Ministry to put forward your work,” he told the students.
He charged them to do their best and conduct thorough research, noting that “someone’s idea could find itself in the largest or one of the larger corporations in the world”.
“You may very well, in succeeding in this competition, have an idea that if you copyright it, may bring wealth later on in life,” he pointed out.
Founder and President of the Hydel Group of Schools, Hyacinth Bennett, told JIS News that the competition will be held over three-months, with judging to take place in mid-June.
She outlined that groups of students will work with teachers to come up with innovations, “showing how energy could be generated from these sources”. The idea, she said, must be unprecedented or must never have been used in a school setting. “It has to be innovative. It has to show a raft of innovation. They can’t just copy somebody’s idea,” she told JIS News.
The hope, she said, is that corporate entities will find the innovations inspiring enough to develop on the ideas.
Information Services Manager at the Scientific Research Council (SRC), Hawthorne Watson, who was the guest speaker at the launch, praised the school for undertaking the project, saying “it was a signal of great things that could be achieved.”
Citing the efforts and achievements of Jamaican scientists and innovators such as Dr. T. P Lecky, Dr. Arnoldo Ventura, Hugh White, and Robert Rashford, he stated that: “Jamaicans in the past have done it, Jamaicans are doing it now and with your participation, Jamaicans will continue to do it.”

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