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Over 80 families from Southern St. Elizabeth, who were devastated by the passage of Hurricane Ivan four weeks ago, have received assistance from the staff of the West Indies Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.
The members, operating under the banner of the Adventist Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA), recently undertook the task of restoring temporary roofing to two houses as well as the distribution of packages of emergency food supplies to needy individuals from the communities of Banton Town, Lover’s Leap and Yardley Chase.
Team Leader of ADRA, Pastor Herman Ming told JIS News that the exercise was to demonstrate love and support for those who had suffered great loss as a result of the hurricane.
“Today, we are not just aiming our aid at seven day adventists.we are ensuring that humanity within the reach of our area will be serviced – adventists, non-adventists, christians, non-christians. We are here putting the gospel in practical form,” he said.
Pastor Ming pointed out that ADRA, one of the national relief agencies, would be operating in the affected areas under a special “phase programme”.
“Phase one is concerned with the provision of items for physical comfort and temporary solutions, such as tarpaulin for roofs, food and shelter. In phase two, we will be revisiting the areas and providing seeds and other planting materials so persons can assist their families and their community in terms of the production of food,” he said.
Pastor Ming also pointed out that ADRA had plans to build at least one house for a needy community member.

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