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Hundreds of children were treated by the Clarendon Crime Prevention Committee, on December 14, at the May Pen Police Station, as part of its effort to reach out to members of the public, in keeping with the spirit of sharing for the Christmas season.
Superintendent of Police, in charge of the Clarendon Division, Dathan Henry, said the children’s treat is a tradition, and has been very successful over the years in helping to foster a better relationship between the police and members of the various communities.
“We have been doing this for a couple years now and it has been very, very successful. All the stations within the division – Crofts Hill, Frankfield, Chapelton, Rock River, Mocho, Hayes, Milk River, Lionel Town and May Pen – came together to put on the treat,” he said.
Mr. Henry said that for Exeter, the station that was recently closed, they are putting on a treat at the community centre at later date.
“Those kids are dearest to our hearts and we intend not to let them out of the picture, but to bring the treat to them to say we care about you,” he said.
Superintendent Henry explained that the treat is one medium through which the Police are able to demonstrate to the children that they are not “beasts of intimidation,” but rather, friends, who are vested with the responsibility to guide and protect them.
“What we hope to achieve is that the children will see the Police as their friends, and that the children will feel comfortable with the Police on the streets, in their schools, in the communities, and will treat the Police with more respect,” he said.
“We are the friends of the children, we love them, we protect them, although we remain firm and committed to deal with the problems that children sometimes pose during law enforcement. We are here to protect them, we care for them and we are here to help them to be better citizens and the leaders of tomorrow,” Mr. Henry added.
Several public and private sector entities collaborated with the Police to make the event special for the children. These included May Pen Ice, Kenny’s Esso, Juici Patties, Nestle Jamaica Ltd., Shagouri Aggregates and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

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