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A crowd of over 600 from the community of White Hall in St. Elizabeth, and its environs came out on Sunday (October 12), to give silver and bronze medallist, Shericka Williams a homecoming welcome for her success at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in China.
The function, which was organised by Member of Parliament for the area, J.C. Hutchinson, saw the athlete being serenaded with songs and tributes. Vice- Principal of Giddy Hall All-Age where Shericka attended, Lovena Reynolds-Hale, said she showed an interest in athletics from an early age and that her determination has paid off.
“While at Giddy Hall, she showed us that she liked running. That enthusiasm stayed with her at the St. Elizabeth Technical High (STETHS), and she worked even harder, as she had a set goal. She believed in herself, so she went on to the University of Technology (UTech), with more vigour and determination to excel. Today she is a proud recipient of bronze and silver medals. Shericka, we are proud of you, you are a strong humble and an intelligent young lady. You know what you wanted and you pursued it – you have surely made a difference in the life of others. We wish for you a successful school year and gold in London 2012. Continue to persevere, don’t stop until you achieve your gold,” Mrs. Reynolds-Hale said.
In his tribute, Mr. Hutchinson called for an athletic training facility for the parish, where he said other talents can be exposed and developed.
“We have many talents in the parish and I have identified a piece of land in Holland where a sporting complex can be built, and we will be lobbying for that. One of our own, right here in White Hall has made us proud, and today we salute Shericka,” he said.
Miss Williams in her response had kind words for those who came out to honour her, “I say special thanks to the persons who have contributed to my success, my family, and my great friends and to everyone. I would also like to say thanks Mr. Eldermine Smith, who saw me as a great athlete and contributed to the start of my success. To my Coach, Mr. Steven Francis, who has developed me both mentally and physically for the international level, and for my success in Beijing, I would like to say thank you very much. I would like to say to all the young people here, just stay focussed on your goal. In life anything that is good doesn’t come easy, it takes a lot of hard work and determination for success to really be achieved,” Miss Williams said.