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The House of Representatives yesterday (Nov. 9) paid tribute to former House Speaker and former Member of Parliament, Alva Ross who died on Sunday, November 7.
Extending condolences and reflecting on the life of the deceased, Minister of National Security, Dr. Peter Phillips said Mr. Ross, who was MP for South East St. Mary for 21 years and speaker of the House from 1983 to 1989, was one of the more renowned and notable members of the House during his period of service.
“He was Minister of Local Government and on another occasion he was Minister of Public Utilities and Transport. It can be said that Mr. Ross represented the highest traditions of public service. He sought nothing for himself and gave willingly of his energies, of his knowledge and of his efforts on behalf of the people,” Dr. Phillips stated.
He added that, “he was also in his period, a man who begat no enemies and was always civil in his relations with other members from whatever side they were drawn and he acquired a reputation of respect and regard from all sides of the political spectrum and among the ordinary citizens as well”.
Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Derrick Smith remembered Mr. Ross as being “very well loved by his constituents. He was a very humble man.someone who always made himself available to mediate in any conflicting situation”.
Mr. Ross has also served as Minister of Trade and Industry and Parliamentary Secretary and in 1983, acted very briefly as Prime Minister.
An official funeral will be held for Mr. Ross, details of which will be announced at a later date. The former Parliamentarian is survived by wife Joan, daughters Sandra Tavares-Finson, Marlene Khouri, Monica Green and son Michael Ross.

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