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The House of Representatives yesterday (Oct. 31) gave approval for Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Clarendon, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry to act as Chairman of the PAC in the place of North Eastern Manchester MP, Audley Shaw, for the duration of the examination by that Committee of the report on the investigation into the Sandals Whitehouse Project.
Leader of Government Business in the House, Dr. Peter Phillips, advised colleague members that a report coming out of the PAC during its sitting yesterday, “suggested that in view of a public statement made by Mr. Shaw with respect to the questioning of the former Chairman of the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), Vin Lawrence.he would vacate the chair in order to avoid questions of motive being raised as to the conduct of the proceedings.”
Based on the PAC report, Dr. Phillips noted that “the recommendation therefore of the PAC, and I understand it to be a unanimous recommendation, is that a new Chairman of the PAC should be appointed and the House is to determine the tenure of the appointment of the new Chairman”.
Continuing, he stressed that the proceedings of the PAC should be conducted in a manner which would not to suggest a bias in its conduct.
Dr. Phillips said there was to be no prejudice involved in the way in which persons were questioned or decisions were made by the Committee.

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