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Some US$6.8 million worth of diagnostic equipment is expected to arrive in the island within the next four to six weeks, for distribution to the Kingston Public, Victoria Jubilee, University, and the regional hospitals.
“The order that we have placed [is for] diagnostic, radiological and other equipment such as ultrasound, MRI [magnetic resonance imaging], CT scanner etc., for hospitals across Jamaica,” said Health Minister, Horace Dalley.
The Health Minister, who was speaking at the 60th annual conference of the Jamaica Association of Public Health Inspectors yesterday (Oct. 26) in Montego Bay, noted that the move was part of efforts by government, to provide the island’s health facilities with much needed equipment by the end of 2007.
He said the initiative would start with the equipping of the major hospitals, and then move into the health centres.
According to Mr. Dalley, the nation was too advanced not to have such equipment in its health facilities. “Every single health facility in Jamaica, mainly hospitals – types A, B and C – must have the basic diagnostic equipment; I mean from Lionel Town to Alexandria, I don’t mean just the KPH,” he stated.
When completed, Minister Dalley said, persons would be able to access basic diagnostic services at both and urban health facilities and not have to travel to the regional hospitals.
He noted that both the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance and Planning supported the initiative and have agreed that the money would must be found for its implementation.