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The Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) is inviting homeowners with ample room and board, and are interested in accommodating visitors in their homes, to register for its Bed and Breakfast Home Stay Programme.
Lorna Dunkley, Licensing and Processing Manager for TPDCo in her address at a ‘Bowling for Business Workshop’ held in Mandeville recently, said that bed and breakfast accommodations would be ideal for visitors attending the 2007 Cricket World Cup.
She said that persons interested in registering for the programme must be able to “provide sleeping accommodation for at least one night with breakfast in a private home and with no more than four available bedrooms for compensation”.
In addition, “there is a pre-inspection and evaluation component done by the Ministry of Tourism, a mandatory 20 hours hospitality training course inclusive of food handler’s permit, fire prevention and precautions, customer service, security alertness and clearance.a Justice of the Peace also has to sign the application form.”
Property owners must provide a brief description of the property, public liability insurance, two reference letters and tax registration number and establish house rules regarding children, smoking and guidelines for pets, as required by the Ministry of Health.
Persons interested in the programme can contact the TPDCo head office in Kingston at 968-3441 or email B&BHomeStay@tpdco.org.

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