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My fellow Jamaicans at home and abroad, as we celebrate National Heritage Week, there are four key words in the theme for the celebration of National Heritage Week – respect, heritage, commitment and nation. As a people, we should strive to make them come alive and resonate in our lives beyond the celebration of National Heritage Week, as we show “Respect for our heritage.and Commitment to our nation.”
First, we must respect ourselves, for it is only then that we can show “true respect for all,” and quietly erase the dividing lines of “party” and “colours” to come together as one Jamaica, one country.
Secondly, we can draw on the strength and vigour of our cultural heritage to deepen the bonds that were forged through Emancipation and Independence. By our individual commitment as good citizens, we must become more tolerant and accepting of the differences that bind us together under our national motto – ‘Out of many, one people’.
In this developing nation we have demonstrated our belief in freedom and democracy, and the effectiveness of our institutions in the achievement of our national goals.
It is my hope that together as a people, we will join hands and go forward showing “Respect for our Heritage. and Commitment to our nation.”

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