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Transport and Works Minister, Hon. Michael Henry, says efforts are being made to boost security at the state-run Jamaica Urban Transit Company’s (JUTC) Rockfort depot in East Kingston, following the theft of fuel from buses parked at the facility on Monday (July 26).
Speaking at Wednesday’s (July 28) Post Cabinet media briefing at Jamaica House, Mr. Henry said fuel was siphoned off from approximately 32 buses, pointing out that Monday’s incident was the fourth within the last month.
While unable to say how much fuel was stolen and the value, the Minister said concerns have arisen within the JUTC and the Ministry, regarding the manner in which the petrol may have taken, pointing to pipelines seen in the vicinity of the complex.
He described the incident as a ‘serious threat”, and a “great loss” to the company and taxpayers.
“The depots are built in areas which offer certain degrees of threat to the whole (transportation) implementation programme. We have had problems at the Spanish Town depot, where the (JUTC Chairman) was murdered, so that we know the threats that we face continually…but this one (Rockfort) is immediate,” Mr. Henry said.
He stated that the CEO called him two days ago with a great fear for the threats to the employees who work at the depot, because of the invasions.
“It creates a great threat and, of course, damage to the property and. the loss of income. So we have to be looking at all of these issues,” Mr. Henry said, while pointing to the efforts which would be made to strengthen security at the depot.

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